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Child rape protester at Delhi hospital slapped by senior policeman


New Delhi: Amid large protests at the Delhi hospital where a five-year-old rape survivor is fighting for her life, a police officer has been filmed slapping a woman demonstrator. Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar told NDTV that Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Bani Singh Ahlawat, who slapped the woman protester, has been suspended.

There was total chaos at the East Delhi hospital when Congress leaders Sandeep Diskhit and AK Walia arrived to meet the child’s family. Since the morning, workers from Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party had clashed with the police, posted at the hospital to check the seething crowd of demonstrators.

The child is likely to be moved to the state-run LNJP Hospital which has better medical facilities.

The child who went missing from her home on Monday was found on Wednesday evening locked into her neighbour’s home. He has not been found. She had been sexually assaulted and mutilated. Her cries alerted neighbours who summoned the police.

The police has refuted her father’s claim that they offered him a bribe of Rs. 2,000 to “keep quiet.”

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