1MDB Arul Kanda says unable to attend PAC probe due to longstanding hairdresser appointment


KUALA LUMPUR: The nation was outraged today after news broke 1Malaysia Development Bhd president Arul Kanda Kandasamy was not attending the Public Account Committee’s (PAC) scheduled hearing as it clashed with a long standing hairdresser appointment.

“The 1MDB CEO understands appearing as a witness over 1MDB’s RM42 billion in debts is important,” said a 1MDB source, “but he’s been waiting months to see stylist Stefon for his shampoo and head polish appointment. He really can’t get out of it!”

“Honestly, Mr Arul Kanda is booked solid with vitally important meetings for the next month! He might attended a PAC hearing if it were held in June, unless one of his molars plays up and he has to run to his dentist!”

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