PIC: The stadium in Kelana Jaya filled to brim during Pakatan Rakyat candidates’ ceramah finale on eve of polling day, May 4.

May 8: Tens of thousands of Malaysians are expected to converge at the Petaling Jaya Stadium in Kelana Jaya tonight in the first ever rally against Barisan Nasional since the coalition’s pyrrhic victory at the general election on Sunday.

Despite suggestion by police that it could be in violation of the Peaceful Assembly Act, organisers said the rally, aimed at highlighting frauds committed by BN, would go ahead as planned.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is expected to address the crowd at 8.30 pm. Attendees are also told to wear black or spot black insignia to symbolise a state of grief over the controversial manner the general election was conducted.

Even months before parliament was dissolved, electoral reforms coalition Bersih had warned of thousands of dubious entries in the electoral roll among a string of other concerns. However, public anger skyrocketed on polling day when the indellible ink on voters – about the only tangible reform implemented by the EC – turned out to be washable.

Hundreds of video clips have also made their way on Youtube and social media showing how election officials allegedly attempted to rig the final results.

Anwar has meanwhile vowed that Pakatan Rakyat, which garnered more popular votes despite being short of some twenty seats to topple BN’s Federal government, will continue the fight for free and fair elections.

He earlier declared that tonight’s rally “will be the beginning of a fierce movement to clean this country from election malpractices and fraud”.

“My heart is with every Malaysian who does not accept the results,” he said.

Since Sunday, a growing number of netizens on social media have shown black-themed images on their profile pictures to express displeasure over electoral frauds. Harakahdaily English

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