Malaysian gymnast Farah Abdul Hadi was criticised by certain Muslims on social media because her gymnast attire did nothing to cover up her aurat. – Free Malaysia Today pic

Farah Ann Abdul Hadi - Straitstimes pic

Farah Ann Abdul Hadi – Straitstimes pic

KUALA LUMPUR: A Facebook page in support of Malaysian gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi has sprung up, created by social media users who feel that she did not deserve the harsh criticism hurled at her because the costume she wore at the SEA Games was considered immodest by some Muslims.

The page created on June 13 has already generated 11,790 likes at the time of writing.

The 21-year-old gymnast herself had posted a heartfelt message on the Facebook page to thank everyone for their support after receiving brickbats for exposing her ‘aurat’.

“I would just like to express my sincerest gratitude to all of you who have been supporting me. It is such an overwhelming feeling to have had such a great and positive respon(se) from all of you. Thank you so much,” she wrote.

“It means so much to me,” she added after receiving not praises for bringing home the gold, but brickbats for wearing a costume that exposed her bare legs.

She proceeded to thank Josh Lim for creating the page and his company Likes Before for alerting her to its existence.

Farah was criticised by social media users following a picture of her that was uploaded onto Facebook in her gymnast attire for what they perceive as her lack of modesty.

Many had left scathing remarks saying she would have hell to pay for her immodesty while another criticised her for not wearing leggings since she was a Muslim. – FMT



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