Women prefer big bellies say men with big bellies


MALAYSIA: Today the nation’s portly men agreed women prefer the ‘Dad Bod‘ to six packs and bulging biceps.

“I didn’t want to quit working out and do this Dominos pizza diet,” said an underweight man, “but I couldn’t handle being body shamed by my girlfriend. Whenever I ask if my belly looks too small in my shirt, she always says I ‘look fine’, but she’s probably wishing I didn’t have these cheese-grating abs!”

“What’s not to love about big bellies?” said a male fridge emptier, “we give our ladies shade in the sun, and warmth at night if we sleep in the aircon!”

“Like any body sculpting regime, the only way to get a ‘dad bod’ is by really committing,” said 38-year-old husband Ron, “that’s why last night I ate my wife’s slice of cheesecake while she was at her spin class!”

Source Fake Malaysia News


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