PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Najib Razak has reminded civil servants about leakages and not to take for themselves what the people were entitled to.

“Do not take what the people are entitled to as it belongs to them. We provide allocations, programmes and budgets, everything, for the people.

“If there are leakages, the people will become frustrated and lose confidence,” he said when addressing the 2017 maiden monthly assembly of the Prime Minister’s Department here today.

Najib, who is also Finance Minister, called on the civil service to focus on 2017 as the year of delivery in terms of the prosperity and welfare of the people.

This meant, he said, that civil servants must implement projects, programmes, services and measures that had been worked out for the people and country, he said.

“We must make this our priority. Our focus this year – delivery, delivery and delivery.

“If we remember this, then each of us will play our role. Those of us who are in charge of projects, the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M), security, floods, will play our role.”

Najib said the civil service should consider not only physical development in terms of delivery, but also delivery in terms of value for the people.

“Services for the people must adhere to schedules and problems of delay, constraints, obstacles and lack of coordination must be resolved immediately,” he said.

“We must not operate in silos, saying that is our right and others should not interfere. If we have such an attitude, we will face extreme bureaucracy.

“Make 2017 the year of delivery, focusing on delivering efforts, training, value-added services and anything at all for the welfare of the people,” he said.

Najib said that if civil servants focused on delivery, it would make 2017 a successful year. – FMT

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