By Mahadzira Al Baqi

Canada: Omar Borkan Al Gala held interviews with Latin America TV and video of Omar Borkan Al Gala when visiting Mexico City. In his facebook if firstly Asian women went crazy about him now that many more women are Latin Americans express love to his words such saying, ‘Mon Amour’ and much more other lovely phrases. Even one also write they  ‘Can get pregnant looking at your face’ or may be pregnant just by looking at Omar. Woow … now that what we call ‘eyes orgasm’.

omar borkan al gala facebook photo

 Omar Borkan Al Gala Facebook Profile Picture Credit: Facebook

Borkan Omar Al Gala taste more like David Bechkam in terms of looks. I do not know how his voice sound like when he starred in the future. Writer yet to watch the film clip of Omar Borkan. Photo and Video gallery dedicated to his fans in Asia and around the world since the beginning of his story writers cover, only 400 Facebook likes him now as of July 2013 it had reached 1,159,826 likes.

Omar Al Gala Borkan is less creative in posing’s but more photogenic face and clothes selections as well as professional camera recording angle.

Anything because thousands of people looking for him on the internet then we cover his bio as too handsome creature indeed god given and his argument on facebook angried men whom critic girls for adoring him due as a god of love. * Amazingly hundreds of thousands of data search Borkan Omar Al Gala wife and wikipedia must be form these girl searches. One cannot deny of his amazing looks do you?- MRM

omar borkan al gala fan

Cover magazine pertama Omar Borkan Al Gala tahun 2013. 

omar borkan al gala magazine

omar borkan al gala prince

omar borkan al gala dessert picture

omar borkan al gala movie
omar borkan al gala picture gallery

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