The FBI reported an 8.3 percent rise in cybercrime last year. That’s 290,000 incidents worth $525 million in financial losses to victims. The average take was $4,573.

For your amazement and unbridled reading pleasure, I’ve compiled an extensive — though not complete — list of dangerous emails containing the major phishing scams circulating right now.

1. I am Wandering in the Desert With Nary a Farthing to My Name (aka The Stranded Traveler Scam)

With summer travel season upon us, watch for emails from “friends” claiming they were robbed while traveling in Europe or Asia, and need money immediately. The FBI says this lure regularly costs victims thousands of dollars apiece.

Tip: Before sending money, verify that your friend is actually in trouble through another form of communication.

2. Come Fly With Me (aka Travel Deals Too Good to Be True)

Another hot scam is phishing emails advertising amazing travel deals. Years ago the Better Business Bureau found consumers lose $10 billion annually to travel scams like this. Some emails resemble this recent letter offering free tickets from “United Airways,” which doesn’t exist.

Tip: A cheap ticket could send you to the poor house. The phrase “too good to be true” is a cliché for a reason.

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