KUALA LUMPUR: Siti Aishah Abdul Wahab, the 69-year old Malaysian `slave` rescued from the grasps of a south London-based Maoist sect, is happy in London and had a lot of friends, her sister was quoted as saying in The Telegraph.

Kamar Mahtum, 73, described the joy and sadness following her first emotional reunion with her sister in more than 40-years.

Siti Aishah, who was allegedly held against her will for more than 30-years, said she was happy in Britain and had a wide circle of friends who cared for her, fed her and loved her.

In the Nov 29 interview, the Telegraph quoted Kamar Mahtum as saying that Siti Aishah was so swept up in left-wing politics that she became totally isolated from her family and did not even know their mother passed away 19-years ago.

The two sisters were reportedly reunited at a secret location in the north of England after Karmar mahtum flew to London immediately after discovering her sister had been found.

Kamar Mahtum related to the English daily how Siti Aishah was doing well but was a different person compared to the fiercely bright quantity surveying student who left Malaysia full of ambition at the tail end of the 1960s.

The retired teacher said: “At first I did not recognise her. She looked very different of course; 40-years older, the beautiful young girl had gone. But then again I am also an old woman now.”

She said the first thing they did was to hug one another for a long time as the years of separation fell away.

“I cried, first out of relief, but then out of anger and then out of frustration. She asked me, ‘how is mum?’ and I said, ‘mum is gone’.

“She did not show any emotion at that point. She had tears in her eyes, but I think they were out of respect for me. But I had the sob of my life.

“The last time I sobbed like that was when I lost my mother in 1994. We could not contact Aishah to let her know because we did not know where she was.”

During the 40 minute reunion meeting, the pair did not discuss the conditions in which Miss Wahab and the other rescued women had been living, nor their alleged captors, Aravindan Balakrishnan and his wife Chanda Pattni.

She told The Daily Telegraph: “When I asked her about what had gone on she just clammed up. The only thing she wanted me to perceive is that she is happy.

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