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Netizens have criticised Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for his statement that the people are not thankful even though the price of kangkung (water spinach) has gone down report The Malaysian Insider

In a video uploaded on YouTube yesterday, the Umno president questioned why the government keeps getting blamed every time prices of goods increase, but was never praised when prices came down.

“When prices of things go up, everything goes up, including sawi and kangkung. There are times when the prices of vegetables go up and down.
“Today I read in the newspaper that the prices of some things which have dropped. The price of kangkung increased before this and now it has gone down.

“When this happens, they don’t want to praise the government. But when it rises, they blame the government… This is not fair as it is due to weather conditions,” Najib was quoted as saying in the video.

The viral video can be viewed here, from the 46th second of the clip.

Najib’s comments received flak from users in social networking sites who claimed that the PM does not understand the hardships faced by the people following the rising cost of living.

“I have a lot of kangkung behind my house. I will give it away for free to those who want it,” said Facebook user Azizi Ademi.

“Only the price of kangkung came down, the rest are still the same,” said Muhd Iqbal.Another digital pic courtesy of netizens on the ‘kangkung’ issue.

lawak najib kangkung
Another digital pic courtesy of netizens on the ‘kangkung’ issue.

Yet another Facebook user, Farawahida Mohd Fauzi, expressed her sadness over having a prime minister like Najib. “Sedih rasa ada PM macam ini,” she said.

“Johan Raja Lawak Sedunia,” said Muhammad Nadzmi, taking a dig at the PM, referring to him as “Winner of the World’s Comedy King”.

Najib – including members of the cabinet – has been the subject of criticism from Netizens for coming out with statements that were deemed to be insensitive to the struggle of the people.

Previously, Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Hasan Malek had called on the people to switch to fish or meat to check the rise in the price of chicken.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar, in defending the toll hike, said that motorists could choose to use toll-free roads if they were upset with the price increase.

The increase in petrol prices, electricity tariff, water and sugar, among others, has caused a domino effect which has caused the hikes in prices of other goods.

Amid mounting criticisms for their lavish spending and wastage, Putrajaya recently announced that they will reduce entertainment allowances and the toll facility of senior government officers besides freezing fresh applications for renovation of government offices.

However, the opposition has labelled the PM’s cost-cutting measures as a “spontaneous reaction” after it saw the effects of reducing subsidies which began to be implemented right after the 13th general election. – January 13, 2014.

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